He's leaving on a jet plane (again)

Part of this new season is the potential to relocate. Rick is flying out this coming Monday to visit three cities and then we'll visit two others together in February (that's the plan currently!).

He spent countless hours researching the economy of various cities, reading DOT information, financial situations and success of small business' all over the country.

And now he's narrowed it down to 4-5 places.

Now, I've never been really attached to the north country. By December 26th, I want the snow to melt and the temperature to rise. I'm not a fan of the -14 degrees expected for tonight. And I prefer having other restaurant options and maybe more opportunities for singing at a jazz club on occasion (a girl can dream!).

But... I love the people here. My family living close by... My church... The connections I've made through business and hobbies. I like knowing that when I'm tired I can ask a sister to hold the baby or go to eat at my moms table rather than making my own meal. And who can pass up a good evening of cards and/or a soccer game at the friends who live a few doors down?

With a baby, things change. For a few weeks I felt nervous and unsure about such a big change. My head repeated, "seek first the kingdom..." and I struggled with this verse because I didn't know what that meant when it comes to such big decisions.

As I contemplated it, I felt an excitement welling up within me when I contemplated the potential hospitality and a whole new community of people who we could cross paths with. Maybe over a hot meal shared at a dinner table we could find fellowship with people we don't even know exist at this very moment.

It's all too exciting, I must say. God's kingdom needs workers in every place on earth. The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few.

"Lord, use us wherever we go and whatever we do. Let us put our hand to the plow that You set in front of us."

It's a big world.


  1. exciting! so exciting! i couldn't take the cold any more. the south is nice to me. praying you find a home away from home!


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