A Brand New Year = [failed] resolutions

New beginnings bring such a sense of purpose. Resolutions are made, big ideas of success and accomplishments, declarations of more travel, better dieting, and personal growth. They're all good things. Aim high.

But, we all know what often happens: February comes around and it has already proven too much to carry through with those things. Well, maybe you are really determined and you actually make it to March or even April. Good for you -- that's better than I have ever made it.

This year, I might borrow an idea from a fellow facebooker. She said, "My new years resolution is to make a new personal goal each month for 2013".

I liked that idea, I must say. If I claim to do the same thing for 12 months, I would put good money down that at some point, I will fail. But, I think this might be more doable. One month at a time. 

It actually sounds like fun rather than the overwhelming claim of doing something while in the back of my head I'm cringing and already doomed to find myself, once again, not successfully fulfilling my dreams. 

So. Keep it simple this year. Make tangible commitments and things that you feel passionate about and convicted by -- not stupid ones that you've already made or just know you should.


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