"When you are weary, you don't need a vacation - you need fresh vision for why you are doing what you are doing..."

This is from a message my Dad shared a while back and it comes to mind A LOT these days. It's easier said than done when our culture is a "You deserve a break today" culture. And no, I am not anti-vacations or restful times (I am, afterall, sitting on the couch with a cup of coffee and a computer on my lap), but a vacation or a weekend off will only go so far. Eventually, you're back at work or the daily grind and you need a bigger picture to keep your attitude up, your head in the game, and a spring in your step!

This is from wikipedia:

vision is being able to see where you’re going, in both literal and figurative senses. It is ultimately about knowing the result you want and being willing to make difficult choices to achieve that result. It means compromising on choices, masking your ideals, exerting inhuman levels of patience, and being able to see what’s in your path so that you can tell the difference between a choice that feels right and a choice that gets you the long term results that you want.


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