pressed but not crushed...

It's 8:30am on a Saturday morning. I am sitting on my bed next to Margaret who just went to sleep for her morning nap. She breathes a bit louder lately because of a runny nose and so I've been holding her a bit longer, cuddling with her even more, and am constantly wondering what I can do to help her feel better. Sleep is always a good answer for a 4 month old.

Last weekend I got slammed with a revelation of my own weakness and sin: a huge lacking of faith. Faith to believe God has things under control; faith that He can take care of loved ones I pray for daily. And even less faith that He understands my heartache and frustrations.

Now how silly is that? I can hear the song, "He's got the whole world in His hands..." going through my head even as I write this.

But, it didn't take two days of struggling through this to recognize how much He does care and provides for all our needs. I found myself repenting to Him for the fear and doubt I had allowed in my life.

I mean, all I have to do is look at my beautiful baby and my hard-working husband to know that He can take very broken people and turn them into a family.


So, I keep digging in: early mornings with scrambled eggs and homemade bread, lunches packed for Rick as he heads out the door for work. Laundry, naps, dinner prep, cleaning all through out the day and, honestly? I love it. After seven years of working, I am in HEAVEN being a stay at home mom.

He knows what we needs, doesn't He?

But, today as I sit here, my outfit is sitting out, the bags are packed and travel plans have been made for another trip to Florida. My mom and I head down again to help my Grandparents pack up their home and move up North. It's a big step for them. HUGE. And it takes patience and some determination, but mostly patience. ;)

It's an honor to help them and the sacrifice is worth it.

And as I booked more tickets to go to Lexington, Kentucky next month, I said to Margaret, "You are going to fly more by your first birthday than I did by my 20th!" She is an expert and an excellent travel partner - she is sooooo entertained by people, an airport is perfect for her!


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