this apartment.

"Oh goodness," I said as I dropped the grocery bags to the floor. I had to walk through a maze to get to the kitchen and didn't even bother bringing the bags all the way in. Dishes need to be washed, the dining room table needs to be found beneath the pile of papers, and the living room is crowded with a growing pile of boxes - both empty and full.

Everywhere I look I start to take note of all that needs to be done. Dear friends have offered to help, but I wouldn't know where to send them at this point. My big goal tomorrow: catch up on the normal chores like dishes, mopping the kitchen floor, dusting the shelves... and oh yeah, the lamp in the living room needs a new light bulb. Then, MAYBE, I can start to do more packing.

How do people do this on a regular basis? This surely would induce me to down-size if I thought I would be moving again in a year or two.

And then on to the next property: 103 Main Street. The inspection was suppose to be Saturday morning. All fingers were crossed and our prayers had gone up asking that this be a thorough and detailed report so we know what we are getting into. The inspector had to cancel at the last minute and now we have 8 days to reschedule another inspector. :( hmmm. Just in case the knots in my stomach weren't tight enough!

But, behind the scenes we continue to move forward in that direction unless we hear otherwise. Items being ordered, employees getting insured, filed for taxes, and an accountant hired. The list is long, as the new salon manager has found out. She and I both will continue to keep our head above water - even if we swallow a few mouth-fulls of water while we go. We trust God and we move as we feel He opens doors and directs our steps.

Today: I rest.


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