a routine in chaos

The title might sound like an oxy-moron. It does to me too.

Just in case you're wondering: I am still in the North Country. I live between two different houses. My parents and Rick's parents have graciously allowed us to come and go as we need to get through the weeks. Sometimes, I grumble and complain, and some days, I am happy to enjoy the quiet and simplicity of our life.

We have settled into a routine here, as of late. Rick has been working for Cornerstone and leaves the house quite early and comes home in time for dinner. After that, he is crashed for the night to get up and face another day. I never thought I'd say this, but "blue-collar" work suits him -- at least for a time. He actually seems to be enjoying the work. He is incredibly impressed with how hard his new co-workers work and seems to be appreciative of the labor himself.

I've had Second Chapter of Acts' song, "Which Way The Wind Blows" running through my head this week. Life never ceases to amaze me. Somehow, in this crazy, strange, unexpected, diffacult-yet-simple season, I find myself on an adventure that only God can give me the Grace to get through.

"You don't know which way the wind blows
So how can you plan tomorrow?
Jesus knows which way the wind blows
So give Him your tomorrows."

So, quite frankly, my planning consists of this: some days I bake bread. Some days, I just cuddle with Margaret if she is needing extra attention. Some days I do some hair cuts for family... It just a few days in advance. Roll with the punches, right?

The one thing I plan? Jeopardy at 7pm.

And it's on now.



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