The Agenda of the New Normal

My oldest nephew is turning 10 years old next month. He is gifted, sensitive, friendly and has the cutest smile - especially after playing drums and then receiving compliments from his adoring fans (Aunts being the loudest voices in the fan club).

The last few years, not having children of my own, I have found myself thinking a lot about the challenge of my nieces and nephews being raised in this culture... And it scares me. The precious little children, already struggling with their fleshly nature, will inevitably get bombarded with the hideousness that sin has created. I've often wanted to recommend bolting the house doors from the outside and not letting them leave, but I hear that's a terrible idea and wreaks havoc in their ability to interface with people. So, I guess that's plan B.

In case you don't believe me that it's that bad, watch a preview for "The New Normal" and you'll see how Hollywood has a clear agenda to promote sexual immorality and what they call "normal". They've always had that agenda and guess what? It's going to continue to escalate. That's what sin does. It continues to try to find a new level of corruption. And it's hitting it's all-time low. (if you're scratching you head thinking, "what's so wrong with the show 'The New Normal'?", than Hollywood[aka Satan] has done a good job.)

I'll tell you right now: What Hollywood is promoting is NOT what the Bible says is Normal. 

So, what is Plan A for raising kids in this culture? Cause, if the bolts on the door aren't a good solution, than how do we do this? Now I don't get to just worry about my nephew who is turing ten or my niece who is already learning to be ladylike -- I have a daughter. An impressionable mind and a soul needing to be impacting by the Holy Spirit. 

I start breathing heavy just thinking about the responsibility.

"Do I bring her to the mall where Abercrombie assaults the eye with pictures of half naked, larger-than-life window displays?" And don't get me started on Victoria's Secret and the new normal there. Women in lingerie use to be obscene and now we can't even go shopping with our children without wondering what their eyes are taking in. 

So, what hope do we have of over coming this incredible challenge? 

I sigh a sigh of relief when I take a step back and consider the options. Because, there is only one good option. Christian schools, bolts on doors, no technology, etc... Those aren't the best options. We want our children to do a lot more than just ignore the darkness around them; more than just deflectors.

We want them to fight the good fight. We want them to be MORE than conquerers. 

And therein lies the answer: The Word of God.

It doesn't return void.
It doesn't need redefining depending on cultural views.
It doesn't leave room for fear.
It doesn't change depending on the new normal.

It is the all-powerful Voice with which God speaks to us.
It is the principles to live by.

Ever wonder what to do with your money?
Read the Bible.

Ever wonder how to treat someone who has offended you?
Read the Bible.

Ever want to know what God thinks about pre-marital sex?
Read the Bible.

Ever curious about the rolls of men and women?
Read the Bible.

It's all there. It is the wisdom I seek for my life, for my daughters life, and I hope you seek for your life. In a world I am nervous to raise a child in, my fears can be replaced by hope when I realize my task is not easy, but is simple: teach The Word. 

It is the answer. Period. 


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