learning to just be

Last night I went to bed in tears. I wasn't happy, my baby wasn't happy and I am sure the combination made Rick less than happy. But, there was little to be done for Margaret except to continue to cuddle her, walk her, attempt to nurse her, and finally, to crawl into bed and sleep with her curled up next to me for as many hours as she wanted.

This morning, I woke up with a fresh ambition to accomplish lots and to care for my baby through whatever changes her body is experiencing. A fresh cup of coffee, the light of day (somewhat shaded by clouds and snow), and several chapters of the Bible and I was in a much more positive state.


:: letting my girl set the pace

:: the soft, freshly fallen snow

:: the estimated temperature for Wednesday

:: family members who let me lean on them

:: a husband who doesn't think twice about running necessary errands - even when they're long and tedious

:: for the refreshing a new day brings - God knew what He was doing for sure!


  1. Thank you Jesus for answering my prayers in so many ways...as I (and we) consecrate myself (ourselves) He will do wonders the next day! Joshua 3:5

  2. The time is actually 5:04pm not 2:04pm!


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